Wellness and self-care: where does it fit into apartment life?

More than ever before, residents are looking to the communities in which they live for support in improving their physical, mental, and social health. Find out how other communities are responding.

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Luckily, it can be as easy as improving some amenities or tailoring your property management/engagement style with these needs in mind. We’ve gathered some of the best tips from luxury apartment complexes across the country to help make your community a more nurturing and stimulating home for your residents.


  1. Make fitness fun
    We all know that good health and wellness begins with regular exercise. Residents today are looking for a variety of fitness options when choosing their new homes. Weight rooms, exercise machines, yoga studios and pools are all great, value-adding additions to a property. Don’t have all the newest exercise features? Don’t worry! You can still make your community a healthier place by organizing exercise groups or meetups for things like running or hiking. Virtual exercise class packages like Wellbeats are becoming more affordable for properties of all sizes: all you need is an empty room and a television!
  2. Ditch the car; take a stroll
    Surveys show commuters who use bicycles or walk have more pleasant travel experiences. Adding bicycle amenities like storage and maintenance is a great way to encourage health on your property. You can also provide walking maps of nearby commercial or natural areas.
  3. Learn something new every day
    A huge part of wellness is keeping one’s mind active and exposed to new things. You can support this on your property at a relatively low cost by adding new library amenities which include books and other media resources. Additionally, invite guest speakers for monthly educational talks, art performances, or whatever your residents might want to see! Craft demonstrations, local history chats, or professional development lectures are all great ideas.

Building a sense of Community

  1. Get out there
    Feeling like a part of one’s greater community is an essential part of mental and emotional health. Multifamily properties sometimes neglect the importance of connecting residents to their outside community. One of the best ways to do this is to create relationships with local businesses and neighbors. Nearby restaurants and stores are often excited about the idea of creating special deals for apartment residents or catering events, etc.; while local parks and natural features can serve as great meetup points for group activities. Look beyond your property line to make connections within your neighborhood that will really make residents feel at home.
  2. Eat, drink and be social!
    Show your residents just how excited you are to have them as a part of your community. No one will want to say no to a good, old-fashioned party, and it’s a great way for residents to meet one another and build connections. Create fun activities out of holiday traditions or host resident appreciation events with food, social games, and prizes.
  3. Lend a hand
    Volunteering or helping others is one of the best ways to improve emotional satisfaction and sense of purpose. Connect with your local nonprofit organizations and see how your community can get involved. Organize a food or supplies donation drive, have a volunteer craft day, or organize a volunteering group that performs monthly service.

With just a few easy changes, your community can better foster wellness for residents. Make sure your property offers the kind of social connections and well-rounded health opportunities that today’s apartment shopper is looking for!

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