Reach hundreds of local residents you might not reach any other way

First 3 Months FREE! Littlebird is a mobile app (iOS & Android) for apartment residents and managers. It’s the one app that ties everything together for smart, tech-savvy apartment communities. It allows the residents to manage:

  • Smart locks on their apartment
  • Lighting, temperature, and other home automation
  • Access to community areas (i.e. pool or fitness center)
  • Mail or package delivery notifications
  • And much more

Benefit to Local Merchants
LittleBird™ is used by residents on a daily basis for their locks, thermostat, lights and much more. That creates a unique opportunity for local merchants, like you, to get right in front of hundreds of potential customers near your business.

FREE Initial Rollout (Limited Time Offer)
An apartment community near your business is deploying LittleBird™ for all their residents. Normally, we’d charge to get your offer in front of all these residents, but we’re offering you the First 3 Months FREE! No Commitment. No contracts. No payments. No risk!

How it Works
It lets you introduce your business to hundreds of local residents you might not reach any other way. Instead of a generic ad (which has minimal impact), the LittleBird™ app provides “offers” to residents. An offer is a special deal for residents of a specific apartment community.

It’s This Easy!
Here’s what we need to create your offer:

Manager contact information

Your Offer